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The Brand


the skills and insights to elevate your business through brand strategy and experiential design.


is simple: to empower you to redefine how your brand is perceived. We're here to guide you through the branding journey, ensuring your brand emerges as a distinct brand whose essence and identity resonate profoundly with your dream clients.


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The Designer




Inspired by everything, Angela typically designs by combining vivid imagery, culture, and storytelling to create experiences that leave people with lasting impressions.

On my creative journey, I often need to switch between graphics, experiential design, illustration, and styling. I love this because it is rooted in my purpose, which is to connect people, cultures, and spaces. I like to think of myself as a fashionable Jackie of all trades.


She has a not-so-secret passion for art, fashion, and immersive experiences. These passions have led her to some pretty creative outlets beyond design, allowing her to gain a wide range of skills.

Three businesses:

Amal Studios: Brand & Experiential Design

Revel In Amal: Art & Apparel Brand

Pass Amal: Non-Profit that Creates Accessible Art Experiences for the Community

A YouTube channel, LifeAndAngela (mainly about fashion, design, and fun art projects).

Instagram accounts that are diverse for different topics.

@Amalstudios_: Branding Topics

@ArtAndAngela: Art and Process by Angela

@RevelInAmal: Art and Apparel Fun

@LifeAndAngela: Life 

@pass_amal_inc: Events by Pass Amal

@sleepwellthepodcast: Sleep Podcast


The Passion Overflow

Originally from Miami, FL, I started painting and drawing to avoid a "normal" high school. DASH (Design and Architecture Senior High) opened up a world of art for me, where I learned to paint, draw, and sew. Attending DASH ignited my passion for visual arts.

Design Education Shifts

I am constantly learning new techniques and media to improve my craft and express my beliefs and curiosities. I have a BFA in Visual Presentation and Exhibition Design. I also double minored in Art History and English, emphasizing writing. Before that, I got my AAS in Fashion Design.

Combining all my skills, I can confidently call myself a fashionable Jackie of all trades.

The Joys of Art

In between various jobs, I landed an amazing Art Specialist position. I was free to express my creativity by decorating and painting murals and teaching visual art to the youth. My love for visual arts and design has always stuck with me.

Future Aspirations

I am the Founder and Designer of Amal Studios, Revel In Amal, and Pass Amal. I run an art, apparel, and design marketplace and aim to spread hope and inspire creativity through my brand. I also plan to create experiential designs that evoke strong emotions and a better understanding outside oneself. Additionally, I have started a non-profit organization called Pass Amal to make experiences accessible to communities. I also plan to continue providing creative direction to brands to help them better connect with their core target.

I look forward to partnering with companies with similar goals and innovative ideas.

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