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I'm Angela Amal, a multidisciplinary designer and artist.
I get inspired by everything. I often design, combining vivid imagery, culture, and storytelling to create
experiences that leave people with lasting impressions.

Often I have to jump between graphics, experiential design, illustration, and sometimes styling in the creative endeavors I pursue. I love it because it is rooted in what I believe is my purpose to connect people, cultures, and spaces.

I like to think of myself as a
fashionable Jackie of all trades.


I have a not-so-secret passion for art, fashion, and immersive experiences, which have led me to some pretty creative outlets beyond design, allowing me to gain a wide range of skills.

I own two businesses, Revel In Amal (Art & Apparel Brand) and Pass Amal (Not-for-Profit Organization to create accessible art experiences for the community).

I have a Youtube Channel, LifeAndAngela (mainly about fashion, design, and fun art projects).

I manage 4/5 Instagram accounts (the number depends on if I'm hosting an event for Pass Amal). Interested in following me on one or all of them?

I even have a Podcast, Sleep Well The Podcast! If you've ever needed help falling asleep this is for you.


The Passion Overflow

Originally from Miami, Fl, I started painting and drawing so that I wouldn't have to go to a "normal" high school. Design and Architecture Senior High, DASH, opened up a portal to the world of art where I learned to paint, draw, and sew. As an alumnus I can truly say going to DASH was a necessity that quickly erupted into an overflowing passion for visual arts and everything it encompasses. 

Design Education Shifts

I always have my hand in learning new techniques and media to improve my craft to better express my beliefs and my curiosities in life. My exploration and experiences have led me to get a BFA, Bachelor of Fine Arts, in Visual Presentation and Exhibition Design. I have learned branding, experiential design, graphic design, product presentation skills, and more. During that time, I double minored in Art History and English, emphasizing writing, becoming well-versed in storytelling, and translating it unconventionally through my designs. Before I shifted to my BFA,  I learned to express my creativity by designing and styling clothes and doing fashion illustrations while getting my AAS, Associate of Applied Science, in Fashion Design.

Combining all my skills, I can confidently call myself a fashionable Jackie of all trades.

The Joys of Art

Somewhere in between there, I managed to get an amazing Art Specialist position where I was free to express my creativity by decorating and painting murals while teaching the youth what I knew when it came to visual art and helping them experiment to find their joys within art. I’ve had various jobs that range from styling in retail to assisting in an office environment but what always stuck with me was my love for visual arts and design. The stories one could tell through the use of composition, color, print, and negative space, and the different ways people can connect with them. 

Future Aspirations

As the Founder and Creative Director, I currently run the art, apparel, and design marketplace for Revel In Amal and Pass Amal. I am excited about where art will continue to lead me. I aim to continue spreading hope, inspiring creativity through my brand, and working with others to create branded and immersive experiences. I want to produce experiential designs that will evoke strong emotion and a better understanding outside oneself through intense color, concepts, experiential, and spatial design. This purpose has led me to start a non-profit organization called Pass Amal. It will allow me to present the joys, education, and culture in experiences accessible financially and geographically to communities that aren't often exposed to the beautiful world of pop-ups & exhibits. Additionally, I know my skills will allow me to push my purpose professionally. I plan to continue designing, creating strategies, and giving creative direction to brands so they can better connect with their core target while creating lasting experiences.

I look forward to partnering with companies with similar goals and innovative ideas.



Instagram @amalstudios_


Selected Clients

Latest Work

Revel In Amal

The Biz Outlet

Children's Aid

Full Beauty Brand

NY Protective Collective 

The Bizness Plug

Revel In Amal Art and Creative Direction 2020- Present

The Outlet Office Design 2021

Boys and Girls Bathroom Mural 2021

10 PR Custom Fashion Illustrations 2021

Social Media Management 2021

Bizness Bootcamp Event Design 2021

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