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Brand Strategist



E-commerce Clothing


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Rebrand Strategy

  • Internal Foundation (Purpose, Mission, etc.)

  • Target Research & Customer Profile

  • Market Research

  • Brand Positioning

  • Messaging

  • Brand Personality & Voice


Visual Identity 

  • Design Research

  • Brand Assets (Logo Suite & Web Design)



About The Client

KB In Your Closet is a thrift and vintage online boutique on a mission to champion sustainable living while curating timeless wardrobes through essential closet pieces. In addition, KB seeks to provide customers with the best vintage and thrift pieces to match their styles and closet needs. 

Our goal was to establish a brand identity showcasing the power of secondhand shopping, and KB In Your Closet strives to KB strives to curate unique styles and fulfill their customers' wardrobe aspirations. Additionally, we wanted to craft a brand identity that would aid in their vision of making quality clothing affordable for all. 



Brand Strategy

Our strategic approach celebrates individual style, fosters a sense of community, and underscores the importance of conscious choices in fashion. Creating a personality that resonates with the resourceful individualist and KB In Your Closet can stand out confidently in the marketplace.

Visual Identity


Like the brand identity, the design empowers individuals to express their unique identities through fashion while forging connections within a like-minded community. 

By keeping the typography clean and minimal with the Montserrat Classic family, we could rework their previous logo design and make it more modern and clear. In addition, integrating the hanger into the letters of KB created a better emphasis on the culture of secondhand clothing.

The rebrand incorporates the culture of secondhand fashion and modernism in the brand personality.

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