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Brand Event




3D Render


Photo of Donovan Mitchell and Adidas Copy from Adidas

Our mission is to design an influencer event for adidas based on their campaign for that D.O.N ISSUE #2 shoe, “FREE TO CREATE.” We aim to create an engaging youth event to encourage creativity and inspire young children to be whatever they aspire to be. When the visitors leave, they will know they can create their future and share that idea with the rest of the world.

We plan to create an experience that will make visitors want to share the ideas of the event on social media platforms to encourage others to be creative and not limit their dreams. We also plan to create awareness for the new colorways in which the D.O.N ISSUES #2 shoe will come in.


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This influencer event will focus on the campaign of the D.O.N. ISSUE #2 shoe that “encourages creativity and community involvement.”The event will be very youthful and full of color. There will be instagrammable walls throughout the space for the influencers to take photos at that are career based but in a coloring book style. There will be activities There will be miniature sneaker gift bags with a few art tools inside to use throughout the space in designated drawing areas. 

The overall space will be very vibrant to spark visitors’ creative juices. There will also be large scale props in different career zones to draw and to take pictures with.


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