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Park Wayfinding

Brand Activation




3D Render

(This is a personal project not sponsored by New York City Department of Parks & Recreation)


The current wayfinding for the Paul Raimonda Playground is informational and served its purpose overall as a sign system. However, it lacked excitement and tends to blend into the scenery. Though that is usually the goal of NYC park signs, I believe the wayfinding in this location should be more playful and reflect the purpose of this playground. The signs were very bland and looked like every other park in New York City. One of the main weaknesses was the lack of directional signs just to get in and around the park.


My goal is to design a clear directional sign system that is simple and intuitive. The re-branding of this playground will be whimsical and inspired by pop art. The visuals will be bold, clear, and elementary. There will be an icon system to show where specific zones are located. The destination icons will explain the appropriate activity in each zone. The icons will also be used to express common rules throughout the playground.

Play Wall2.jpg
dog bag.png

The Project Overview


The Deck

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