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Good Times with Liberty Tattoo

Branded Experiential Marketing | 3D Modeling & Rendering


Design a brand activation and practice the photographic approach to 3D modeling—

  • Environmental Graphics

  • Branded Experiential Marketing

  • Storytelling through Design









To view in Full Screen: Click once, then click the double expanding arrows at the top left corner.


This is not a real project. Just inspired by this company.

Liberty Tattoo has a distinct brand personality and visual identity that is fun, easy-going, and edgy. When researching this brand I found that the hardcore western style in which they presented themselves and the lively eccentric tattoo artists that represented the brand added to their Everyday Rebel Archetype. After reviewing their advertising video I was drawn to their quirky sense of humor, good talent, and strong identity.

I challenged myself to design a branded bus stop that expressed their strong identity as well as showcased their work and celebrated their 20 years. It’s hard enough to keep a business open, run well, and make money for one year (which I’ve learned), so 20 years is a beautiful accomplishment on which I wanted to shine a light.


  • Liberty Tattoo Graphics

  • Call To Action: NEKKID man animation

  • Familiar Seating similar to seats in the tattoo shop

  • Familiar Western Environment


This project was so fun to do! The personality of the brand definitely carried me through. The tattoo shop was so western and showcased the tattoos they've done all over the walls so I only saw it fit to do the same in my brand activation. On the front and back, you will find the line art of some tattoos I got from their official Instagram account. As an eccentric brand, I did notice they had a variety of logos to match, so I recreated 4 images that appear on their website to add to the diversity of graphics displayed.

My most challenging yet favorite part was getting the line art that I recreated onto the fan wood paneling of the saloon-inspired wall! After much trial and error, I found that creating a surface that was 1/16” away from the original surface and projecting the images as a texture worked best for me in this situation. This issue held me up for weeks and I wanted to complete it so I’m thankful I found the SketchUp forums to help and suggest tips. In this, I also learned how to add video as a texture to show up on Enscape so it was satisfying to watch the live render. After I completed this I was so happy which is probably why it's my favorite.


Digital sketches of the brand activation and line art are by Angela Lawrence. Original Images of tattoos, logos, and NEKKID man from Liberty Tattoo website and Instagram. Links below.

To view in Full Screen: Click once, then click the double expanding arrows at the top left corner.

Thanks for joining my 3D journey! I am excited to see what else we get into. Until next time!


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