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Showroom Lobby inspired by Soda Tables

Updated: Jan 3, 2023

3D Modeling & Rendering


Practice the photographic approach to 3D modeling—

  • Work on organic objects

  • Create an artful space






Original Design

Yiannis Ghikas design: Soda tables, 2020, Modern Glass Coffee Table Set 2-Piece Cloud Shaped in Orange.


Glassblowing is the craft of making glassware by blowing air into a semi-molten glass through a long tube. This space was inspired by the shape of a glass coffee table set and the heat of a glassblowing workshop expressed through colors.


This project was originally my first in what I call my 3D journal. I jumped straight into 3D modeling after I found inspiration with no thought of composition or lighting. Below are original images of the space. I uploaded one of the images to Reddit SketchUp group and got some tough feedback. It didn’t hurt my feelings because I know I’m on this journey to learn and grow. The feedback that I received is below.

“Crit for you: This scene is immature and not polished. Re-create the same scene and re-post to improve. You have used low resolution textures on your large surfaces, and have no play of light/shadow from whatever light source you used. A few random stock assets don't make a scene. Consider the trims where your materials meet, currently you have none, just flat geometry seams. Life is not so rigid. Play with your camera angles & lens size. Composition of the scene should be re-worked. Where does the book sit on the table, and at what angle etc... These are the considerations you should be taking in when staging a standalone scene. When learning rendering engines, watch some photography tutorials, the same principles apply.”

Post on Reddit at your own risk, haha. The good thing is I didn’t get discouraged. I got curious as to how I could make the suggested changes. I ended up asking more questions and left with a good source to find high-quality materials. When I use that site I’ll let you know how good it is.

Below you’ll find my updated lobby design that I ended up going back to and overworked it. I don’t feel the need to show up as perfect just showing up is progress and that’s the best I can ask for. My main challenge for this was the lighting for sure! I have to continue researching lighting techniques for Enscape and interior & architecture photography. At certain angles, the color of my materials would change which leads me to want to learn more about certain materials and how they react to light. When I learn you learn too so keep checking back.

If you take any lesson with you today don't get discouraged, get curious. I will step back and come back to this project after I get more knowledge and experience in lighting.

Thanks for joining my 3D journey! I am excited to see what else we get into. Until next time!


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